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März 2010
August 2018
Maßnahmen seit Tritons Investition
  • Mehiläinen merged with Mediverkko, resulting in an extensive national service network with over 50 assisted living or institutional care units, 30 occupational healthcare clinics at almost all large and mid-sized cities, 28 healthcare clinics, 10 hospitals and 22 dental care clinics.
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Der bekannteste und angesehenste private Anbieter für Gesundheits- und Pflegedienstleistungen in Finnland

Mehiläinen was acquired by Triton Fund III in March 2010

The Mehiläinen Group is the best-known and most respected provider of private health care and social services in Finland. It is active in various sectors of the market including privately funded health care services, as well as publicly funded health care and social services.

The Group provides a full range of health care services from primary care to secondary care through a network of hospitals, outpatient and dental clinics across the country. As a partner to the public sector, Mehiläinen offers specialist and surgery services, health care clinic services based on customer free choice and various services in public health care. The specialist services range from on-call duty to outsourcing and staffing services. The group also provides a multitude of social care services as a partner to Finnish municipalities, including services for the elderly and disabled, mental rehabilitation, and child and youth welfare.

In February 2015, Mehiläinen and Mediverkko merged to become a significant new pioneer for Finnish healthcare and social services. The combined facilities include over 140 hospitals, clinics and assisted living homes throughout Finland. The combined entity will be one of the largest domestic employers in Finland.

The Group was awarded a significant contract from the municipality of Siikalatva in November 2015. The ten year contract covers basic healthcare, specialised services and social and care services. It marked the Group's strategic expansion into a significant new business area.

Triton acquired Mehiläinen Group as part of Ambea Group in March 2010 through a competitive process from 3i. The acquisition was done together with KKR on 50/50 a basis. Since then, the Mehiläinen Group has been separated into an independent entity with its own financing. Varma and Ilmarinen are now co-owners of Mehiläinen Group as well. Since the acquisition, Triton and KKR have supported the company in continued growth and investments into new products and services.